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Definition as verb:

(computing) To assign an additional name to an entity, often a more user-friendly one. (signal processing, of two signals) to become indistinguishable

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1.a false name used to conceal one's identity; an assumed name, The police files indicate that “Smith” is an alias for Simpson. another time; in another place; in other circumstances; otherwise. “Simpson alias Smith” means that Simpson in other circumstances has called himself Smith.

1.otherwise called; alias.

1. at another time or place known as or named, Dylan, alias Zimmerman noun (pl) -ases

2. an assumed name Word OriginC16, from Latin aliās (adv) otherwise, at another time, from alius otherCollins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollinsPublishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Cite This Source
mid-15c., "otherwise called," from Latin alias "at another time, in another way," from alius "(an)other," from PIE *al- "beyond" (cf. Sanskrit anya "other, different," Avestan anya-, Armenian ail, Greek allos "another," Gothic aljis "other," Old English elles "otherwise, else," Modern English else).
"assumed name," c.1600, from alias (adv.).


Both men called us each by alias names we'd made up early on but our individual functions remained unclear to them We have a description... chubby guy, dark hair and a mustache.

He travelled under an alias; Luke Greely.

He used an alias and he fits your time table perfectly.

Fred spent Monday and Tuesday checking every merchant of any size in the area, to find out if J. Cleary, alias half the telephone book, had tried to establish credit and therebya new identity.

" Et primo, quidem, quoniam per epigenesin sive partium superexorientium additamentum pullum fabricari certum est: quaenam pars ante alias omnes exstruatur, et quid de illa ejusque generandi modo observandum veniat, dispiciemus.

Spinoza abounds in the same sense, and is as usual perfectly candid " Naturae leges et regulae, secundum quas omnia fiunt et ex unis formis in alias mutantur, sunt ubique et semper eadem."

He was a missionary to the Indians when the prince de Joinville, son of Louis Philippe, met him, and after some conversation asked him to sign a document abdicating his rights in favour of Louis Philippe, in return for which he, the dauphin (alias Eleazar Williams), was to receive the private inheritance which was his.

The first Hungarian grammar known is the Grammatica HungaroLatina of John Erdosi alias Sylvester Pannonius, printed at SarvarUjsziget in 1539.

The most distinguished of the native scholars was John Cesinge, alias Janus Pannonius, who composed Latin epigrams, panegyrics and epic poems. The best edition of his works was published by Count S.

His surname is given by himself as "Serveto " in his early works, " per Michaelem Serueto, alias Reues."

435, of September 1658, the following advertisement occurs: - "That excellent and by 'all Physitians approved China Drink called by the Chineans Tcha, by other nations Tay, alias Tee, is sold at the Sultaness Head, a cophee-house in Sweetings Rents, by the Royal Exchange, London."

But his position in the history of Spanish literature is due to his Historia del famoso predicador fray Gerundio de Campazas, alias Zotes (1758), a novel which wittily caricatures the bombastic eloquence of pulpit orators in Spain.

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