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analyze (third-person singular simple present analyzes, present participle analyzing, simple past and past participle analyzed)

  1. (transitive) To subject to analysis.
  2. (transitive) To resolve (anything complex) into its elements.
  3. (transitive) To separate into the constituent parts, for the purpose of an examination of each separately.
  4. (transitive) To examine in such a manner as to ascertain the elements or nature of the thing examined; as, to analyze a fossil substance, to analyze a sentence or a word, or to analyze an action to ascertain its morality.

More definition: separate (a material or abstract entity) into constituent parts or elements; determine the elements or essential features of (opposed to synthesize), to analyze an argument. examine critically, so as to bring out the essential elements or give the essence of, to analyze a poem. examine carefully and in detail so as to identify causes, key factors, possible results, etc. subject to mathematical, chemical, grammatical, etc., analysis. psychoanalyze, a patient who has been analyzed by two therapists.
c.1600, "to dissect," from French analyser, from analyse (see analysis). Literature sense is attested from 1610s; meaning in chemistry dates from 1660s. General sense of "to examine closely" dates from 1809; psychological sense is from 190

9. Related, Analyzed; analyzing.


Our company was supposed to analyze the reports.

Don't analyze it to death.

The assignment is to analyze cautiously each of the following sentences.

The description says "Taylor was one of the first to attempt to systematically analyze behavior at work."

The results were analyzed in two ways.

The system analyzes the behavior of visitors to the website.

I fully expect that in the future my silverware will scan my fingerprint while I am eating and will be able to recognize me and analyze every bite I take.

We must extract them from the crannied wall of learning and dissect and analyze them before we can be sure that we have a Milton or an Isaiah, and not merely a clever imitation.

I really don't know what sort of girl she is; I can't analyze her at all.

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