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Definition as verb:

To put in a position that is not prominent.

More definition:

1.the ground or parts, as of a scene, situated in the rear (opposed to foreground).

2.Fine Arts. the part of a painted or carved surface against which represented objects and forms are perceived or depicted, a portrait against a purple background.the part of an image represented as being at maximum distance from the frontal plane.'s origin, education, experience, etc., in relation to one's present character, status, etc.

4.the social, historical, and other antecedents or causes of an event or condition, the background of the war.

5.the complex of physical, cultural, and psychological factors that serves as the environment of an event or experience; the set of conditions against which an occurrence is perceived.

6.Physics. the totality of effects that tend to obscure a phenomenon under investigation and above which the phenomenon must be detected.

7.Telecommunications. (in an electronic device for transmitting or receiving signals) the sum of the effects, as noise or random signals, from which a phenomenon must differentiate itself in character or degree in order to be detected.

8.of, relating to, or serving as a background, background noise. supply a background to, The passenger's idle thoughts were backgrounded by the drone of the plane's engines. supply a background of information for, To background themselves, reporters dug through all available files on the case.
1 / into the background, unobtrusive; inconspicuous; out of sight or notice; in or into obscurity, He kept his dishonest dealings in the background.

1. the part of a scene or view furthest from the viewer inconspicuous or unobtrusive position (esp in the phrase in the background) (as modifier), a background influence

3. (art) the plane or ground in a picture upon which all other planes or forms appear superimposed the parts of a picture that appear most distant Compare foreground (sense 2), middle-distance (sense 2)

4. a person's social class, education, training, or experience

5.the social, historical, or technical circumstances that lead up to or help to explain something, the background to the French Revolution (as modifier), background information

6.a low level of sound, lighting, etc, whose purpose is to be an unobtrusive or appropriate accompaniment to something else, such as a social activity, conversation, or the action of a film (as modifier), background music

7. (physics) Also called background radiation. low-intensity radiation as, for example, from small amounts of radioisotopes in soil, air, building materials, etc

8. (electronics) unwanted effects, such as noise, occurring in a measuring instrument, electronic device, etc (as modifier), background interference Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollinsPublishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Cite This Source
1670s, from back (adj.) + ground (n.); original sense was theatrical, later applied to painting. Figurative sense is first attested 185



He had the background and the education, but he obviously didn't have the inclination to adjust to the one being forced on him.

Their issues faded into the background as they began preparing the house for the new babies.

In the background were the beautiful layered mountains of the White Rock Wildlife Management.

Can you run a background check on her now that we have a last name?

I'm sure Brennen was confused by my sharp response and background noise but once girls and dog had left we settled down to business.

The visions were less invasive than those from others, like background music at a department store.

"Is there some activity in your background that you haven't told me about, Madam Spy?" he chided.

The packed emergency area waiting room held a disreputable collection of weeping women, stoned teenagers and dirty dere­licts, all talking at the same time over the background music of a near-constant scream of sirens hauling in more Saturday night vic­tims.

8 There is an unmistakable reference to the occurrence in the episode of Shimei, who hovers in the background of Absalom's revolt with a large body of men at his command (xvi.

The frieze consisted of white marble figures in relief, affixed to a background of black Eleusinian stone.

For a long time these strange creatures haunted my dreams, and this gloomy period formed a somber background to the joyous Now, filled with sunshine and roses and echoing with the gentle beat of my pony's hoof.

At the bend of the Danube, vessels, an island, and a castle with a park surrounded by the waters of the confluence of the Enns and the Danube became visible, and the rocky left bank of the Danube covered with pine forests, with a mystic background of green treetops and bluish gorges.

As soon as they left the place where the balls and bullets were flying about, their superiors, located in the background, re-formed them and brought them under discipline and under the influence of that discipline led them back to the zone of fire, where under the influence of fear of death they lost their discipline and rushed about according to the chance promptings of the throng.

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