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fete (third-person singular simple present fetes, present participle feting, simple past and past participle feted)

  1. (transitive, usually in the passive) To celebrate (a person).

More definition:

1.a day of celebration; holiday, The Fourth of July is a great American fete.

2.a festive celebration or entertainment, The ball was the greatest fete of the season.

3.a religious feast or festival, a fete lasting several days in honor of a saint. entertain at or honor with a fete, to fete a visiting celebrity.

1. a gala, bazaar, or similar entertainment, esp one held outdoors in aid of charity

2. a feast day or holiday, esp one of religious significance

3. (Caribbean, informal) an organized group entertainment, esp a party or a dance verb

4. (transitive) to honour or entertain with or as if with a fête, the author was fêted by his publishers

5. (intransitive) (Caribbean, informal) to join in a fête Word OriginC18, from French, feastCollins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986 © HarperCollinsPublishers 1998, 2000, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012 Cite This Source
1754, from French fête "festival, feast," from Old French feste (see feast). Apparently first used in English by Horace Walpole (1717-1797).
1819, from fete (n.). Related, Feted; fetes; feting.


A scene of west of the province of Buenos Aires and the valley of p y intense enthusiasm followed, and Buenos Aires was en fete for the following three days.

By 1669 they were playing in Paris at the Theatre du Marais, her first appearance there being as Venus in Boyer's Fete de Venus.

Fete des fous), the name for certain burlesque quasi-religious festivals which, during the middle ages, were the ecclesiastical counterpart of the secular revelries of the Lord of Misrule.

Hasselt is best known for its great septennial fete held on the day of Assumption, August 15th.

A "Rochambeau fete " was held simultaneously in Paris.

This enterprise, of which the expenses were defrayed by the Jacobin Club, made him well known to the revolutionary leaders; and he made himself still more conspicuous in organizing the great "Fete de la Liberte" on the 1 5th of April 1792, in honour of the released soldiers of Chateau-Vieux, with Collot d'Herbois.

On the 3rd of October of the same year (11 Vendemiaire, year III.) a solemn fete in honour of the Girondist "martyrs of liberty" was celebrated in the Convention.

And the fete at the English ambassador's?

This unfortunate fete at the ambassador's deprives me of a pleasure, and obliges me to interrupt you.

In the midst of a description of the last Petersburg fete she addressed her brother:

The most suitable fete the Germans can devise for him is a celebration of Jena and Auerstadt.

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