Verb gym Definition and Examples



Definition as verb:

(intransitive) To go to the gym.

More definition:

1.a gymnasium.

2.Informal. physical education.


Dusty rose to pull on his gym clothes.

He pulled the robe over her exposed body, feeling the urge to run to the gym or call Jenn for a quickie to relieve the sexual spring within him.

Damian went to the gym, where Darian spent most of his time.

"Probably in the gym with Darian," Bianca answered.

Since leaving college, she'd stayed in shape through the local gym, where she lifted weights and forced herself onto a cardio machine twice a week.

Gabe was halfway across the gym where the Immortal foot soldiers were training before he knew where he was.

Do you have any idea how much this gym cost to set up?

"Like soggy gym socks," she snapped.

He led her down a floor to a large gym where a group of men stood in a loose cluster on a mat.

She followed her friend to a portion of the underground site converted into a massive gym and training facility.

He could have stayed in the gym of Cortez-Montezuma High School but the weather was pleasant and he wanted to try out his newly pur­chased equipment under the western skies.

Xander was in the gym whenever she was, no matter what time of day or night she went.

She went to the door leading into the gym, pausing to watch Darian.

His muscles were still bulging from exertion of his visit to the gym, and her gaze stayed on his biceps as he pulled on his boots.

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